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Machine Vision

We supply hardware and software solutions for machine vision systems for industrial and security applications with special focus on


       visual object inspection with on-go learning 

       recognition of objects, counting, sorting

       color identification

       motion artifact filtration

       stereoscopic 3D reconstruction

       evaluation of object position, speed and dimensions

Performance Computing

We offer dedicated hi-performance DSP and machine vision system development including hardware realization based on


       multicore PC-based image processing

       FPGA systems with image and signal processing algorithms (ALTERA CycloneII & MAX10, LATTICE MachXO2)

       DSP dedicated processors (TEXAS INSTRUMENTS C6000, C5500)

Embedded Systems

We have large experiences with development of power-efficient, hi-density robust microcontroller modules with mixed-signal interfaces based on architectures like


       STM32 ARM-based microcontrollers

       MICROCHIP PIC midrange and hi-performance microcontrollers

       MICROCHIP dsPIC signal controllers

       ATMEL AVR 8-bit and 32-bit families

       TEXAS INSTRUMENTS 16-bit microcontrollers

Electronic Design

Holistic design of smart electronic devices involving microcontrollers and DSPs with state-of-the-art signal conditioning and efficient power conversion circuits


       ALTIUM Designer schematic capture, design of multi-layer PCBs, simulation and evaluation

       LTspice circuit simulation

       analog and hybrid analog-digital filter design

       low-noise and high-precision circuitry design techniques

Tools and Interfaces

Most of our technologies behind hi-performance systems can be utilized stand-alone, including developments like


       DEXFrames - framed data objects with implemented semantics for interfacing arbitrary data formats with GUI

       VModules - multivector data manipulation library with focus on image processing

       QPayload - inter-application communication database capable of multi-million accesses per second

       DEETEN - 3D simulation engine based on non-uniform domain-oriented simulation mesh decomposition

       Descriptors - embedded data reflection and self-generation of text interfaces

       fidee - signal processing design suite for EDIF-format schematics

Research and Development

We offer resources for custom-oriented R&D on wide area of physical and engineering problems, like are


       image decomposition and registration techniques

       linguistic analysis of arbitrary data

       modal analysis for object inspection

       electrophysical simulations

       thermal, mechanical and electronic properties of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)

       space fabrication technologies




LOX Technologies 2015 (pdf, ppt)

Products, services and people of LOX Technologies




DEX (pdf, demo)

Diverse Embedded Control Cross


CAMQUEST CY701 (pdf)

Closed Loop Video Camera Tester


BEAWER-PT1 (pdf, page)

Boosting Heater Power Controller


SENGA-DS1 (pdf, page)

Precision Gas Sensing System



Frame Technology Demonstrator (pdf)

Growing Large Glass Structures in Space (pdf)


The Effect of Polyimide Fixation on Thermal Performance of GaAs Cantilever Based MEMS: A 3D Numerical Analysis with DEETEN (pdf, ppt)

Detection of Low Gas and Organic Vapours Concentration Using Microsensor Elements (pdf)


Ing. Eduard Burian, director

LOX Technologies, s.r.o.

Rusovská 7

85101 Bratislava


tel. +421-905-469130